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We are two, lifelong RI Food & Beverage Industry workers who got their start like many others – as prep cooks, bussers, and barbacks. But with an eagerness to learn and a need to earn, we have gone on to fill all FOH (Front Of House) roles over the course of our respective careers.

Our experiences have taught us to always: ​

  • Place consistency, communication, follow through, and prudence as the pillars of our success

  • Drive the quality of the products we sell and place a heavy emphasis on product knowledge and customer service in order to maximize profits

  • Identify bottlenecks and assign solutions 


By implementing these principles we have gone on to manage bars & restaurants, train a multitude of people in a variety of positions, create menus, facilitate menu tastings, create/implement training programs, design/direct beverage programs, assist in the design/remodeling/revamping of several bars and restaurants, and we continue to create/maintain relationships with numerous industry professionals. So if we can't do what you need or haven't done a specific task already, we know the people who can....either way, you're in good hands with RNR.


We have fully immersed ourselves in this life style. We can't turn it off. Whether we're on a job, with a client, or out to eat; we are always working, watching, taking notes, innovating, creating, maximizing, streamlining, process-improving, writing and reading because we know that by making ourselves better, we can make you better...


Meet the Team...

Ryan Draine (R1)

Co-Owner, CFO, Bar / Beverage Expert

  • 17+ years of industry based experience

  • Has created over 500+ cocktails (and that's just what he has written down)

  • Has been a winning contestant, judge, and host of multiple bartending competitions

  • Has write ups in Taste of Rhode Island, Southern Rhode Island MagazineRhode Island Monthly

  • Specialties Include:

    • Menu Creation, Design, Pairing, and Development

    • Product Management (COGS/Inventory)

    • Finances, Accounting, and Record Keeping

    • Bar Program Design, Development, & Build-outs

    • Staff/Product Training​

  • Scope of Work/Experience:​

    • Night Life, Clubs, Speed Bartending

    • Craft Cocktail Bars

    • Craft, Locally Sourced, Concept Restaurants

    • Casual and Fine Dining

    • Venue specific/private catering

    • Large Venues (Theaters and Event Centers)

    • Banquets, Special Events

    • Has held positions as a dishwasher, busser, barback, bartender, bar manager, beverage director of Dig-In Dining, free lance consultant, General Manager 

  • Strengths and Interests:

    • Applies his science background and passion for culinary arts as a part of his bar craft​

    • Spreadsheets, numbers, stats, facts, and details

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Ryan Field (R2)

Co-Owner, CPO, Hospitality Specialist

  • 16+ years of industry based experience

  • Specialties Include:

    • Customer Service and Satisfaction

    • ​Hospitality

    • Staff/Product Training/Team Building

    • Human Resource Training

  • Scope of Work/Experience:

    • Banquets, Special Events

    • Venue specific/private catering

    • Large Venues (Theaters and Event Centers)

    • 50+ weddings

    • ​Fine/Casual Dining

    • Private Beach Clubs

    • Craft, Locally Sourced, Concept Restaurants

    • Tourist Driven Restaurants

    • Dive Bars, Beach Bars, Golf Courses  

    • Corporate Restaurant Groups

    • Has held positions as a dishwasher, prep cook, line cook, bouncer, host, busser, food runner, server, FOH manager, barback, bartender, bar manager, General Manager, event planner/coordinator

  • Strengths and Interests:

    • Attributes leadership qualities and training techniques to studying education at Rhode Island College ​

    • Writing, Photography, Video Editing, Content Creating

  • Instagram
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Here's what we
can do for you...

We know that everyone has their own unique problems, needs, and requests...

So we make it our business to cater to all of them by...

  • Diagnosing issues, prescribing solutions, and keenly supervising the implementation.

  • Providing you with the connections/relationships/contacts, resources/tools, training, time, equipment, and solutions to ensure your business/event is on track for optimal and long term success/sustainability.

  • Limiting your failures, maximizing your profits, and taking your business/event to a level beyond your expectations. 


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