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Owning a restaurant, bar, hotel, private club, golf course, or any food and beverage based business comes with a variety of surprise variables and obstacles. We help our clients prepare for the unexpected by building structure, quality, and consistency throughout the entirety of their business.

As your personal consultant, RNR will break down your business’ inefficiencies and areas that need the most improvement. We can provide you with training, operating systems, a comprehensive plan, and other industry based tools/knowledge; all in an effort to get you and your business on a sustainable track towards reaching your highest earning potential.


RNR Consulting Services

Our Services

Facility and Building Layout/Design

Menu Training

  • Creating Concepts/Development/Design/Format

  • Product Recommendations 

Restaurant Concept & Logo Development/Design/Format

POS Diagnostics & Training

  • We'll help choose the right program/system for your needs and train you and your staff on how to become efficient in the application

Systems Operations (FOH/BOH Communication)

Food, Beverage, Labor Cost, and Cost of Goods (COGs) Training

Proper Inventory Systems / Efficient Ordering & Cross Utilization Techniques

Book Keeping/Payroll/Money Management

Human Resource Structure​​

  • Hiring and Firing Procedures 

  • Performance Review Development/Implementation 

  • How to Incentivize/Retain Your Staff

  • Ways to Limit Liability

"Setting the Table" Intensive 

  • A hospitality based concept derived from restaurateur, Danny Meyer, that teaches the ways we can anticipate and also expand on a guest's expectations, inherently driving them to return to your establishment(s)

Customer Service Training

Proper Steps of Service / Serving 101 / Suggestive Selling

Spirit/Cocktail/Beer/Wine Training

  • Service / Preparation / Tasting / Pairing / General Knowledge

Job Training/Experience

  • Management

  • Bartender

  • Barback

  • Server

  • Food Runner / Expediter 

  • Busser

  • Host / Bouncer

Our clients have called us “Soup to Nuts” so if you have a particular need that you do not see on this list, please inquire with us and we will see what we can do... the very least we’ll put you in contact with someone who can help you!

Payment Structure

We provide a large variety of services and insights, bundled as packages or a la carte.

We bill hourly, weekly, monthly, and by goal/performance based terms. Depending on the contract and extent of our services rendered, we may require a retainer service fee. Residual/profit/performance percentages and retainer structures are all dependent on the services rendered and the parameters of the specific contract.

There is no contract too big or too small.

Here is how we break it down...


Schedule a meeting with us!

Our pricing varies based on your needs.

So drop us a line, tell us who you are, and we  can start drafting you a FREE     estimate this week.

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